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Youth Sports Industry A Growing Opportunity – October brings together with it several phenomena. Colors are changing, kids young and old, are partaking at Halloween festivities, and athletics are airborne. Baseball fans are currently appreciating the post and World Series match ups, and soccer fans are collecting to root for their teams. There aren’t many matters more American than football and fall baseball. Professional sports is big business. Kids have participated in sports and games the face of youth athletics has changed over the last decade or two. Gone are the days of ballgames in sandlots, 2-on 2 in the driveway, or hockey in the street with rocks and sticks. 

Sports became a network of championship play, aggressive leagues, travel teams and associations, with tournament operators and coaches, parents, league organizers, referees coordinating competition and both practices. The National Council of Youth Sports, reports more than 60 million girls and boys are registered in programs throughout the nation. The latest statistics in the Sports and Fitness Industry Association estimates almost 70% of children in the U.S. Are playing team sports and 3 out of four teenagers are playing a minumum of one team sport. There is no arguing that chances to score are rampant for entrepreneurs Since there’s much debate surrounding the leadership youth sports have taken. 

Youth sports team travel section is estimated to be billion. Communities are benefactors of this economic activity generated by this travel team occurrence that is growing too. The traveling team stratum of youth sports particularly has exploded in this last twenty years. Travel teams grew out of recreational league play, Since players, parents and coaches sought more and better venues wherein to compete. The teams grew at popularity as new leagues were formed to promote their play, tournaments proliferated to match this best against this best and large internal structures multiplied in suburb areas permitting all year round training and competition. 

– Many leagues are grassroots associations formed and managed from parents through local schools, churches or other community outlets. Nevertheless, that too is expanding with companies like i9, a youth sports league franchise. Based in Tampa, Florida, i9 offers sports leagues, camps and clinics for kids ages 3-17, including flag football, soccer, basket ball, T Ball and even cheerleading. The companys tagline: traditional children sports leagues without the traditional headaches! Parents are frequently overwhelmed by this demands on their time, and for many, this opium one pay a participation fee and let others run this show can be a welcome opportunity. 

In addition, we live at a world where all of our children activities are scheduled and supervised.


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